It can take 1–3 years for existing moss to disappear, depending upon the amount of moss. If there is a lot of moss, we recommend that the roof should be cleaned before the fitted is mounted, either by hosing (not high pressure) or, to protect the roof as much as possible, preferably by brushing and/or scraping.

Is zinc harmful to the environment?

Zinc is an element found in nature, in the environment and in the human body. The moss remover fitting releases microscopic particles in the run-off that will not be detrimental to nature.

The fitting is easily mounted on all types of roof tiles, plate roofs and shingles.

To finish the job, you need following tools:

  • Protective- and safety-equipment
  • Steel brush / scraper (for removing dirt and grime on the ridge stone before mounting)
  • Hammer

The number of items you need can be easily found by counting the number of ridge stones on your roof.

For other types of roof than ordinary roof tiles, you must calculate about 3 fittings per meter.


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