This is how it works

No more moss on the roof

Moss-stop remove and prevent the growth of moss, grass, algae and mold on your roof. The fittings contain zinc, and are easily attached to the ridge. Water from rain, reacts when it comes in contact with the zinc-ions. When the water flows down the roof, this creates poor growth conditions.

 Use Moss-stop to save on time-consuming maintenance work and extend the lifespan of your roof. The product is easily mounted on all types of roof tiles, including tile strips and roof shingles.

New improved function

With its unique properties such as wide channels, Moss-stop captures rain so that it has time to react with the zinc ions before the rainwater runs down the roof and in the process effectively removes and prevents further growth of moss, grass, algae, and mould.

Easy to mount

The fitting is attached along the roof ridge and any overhangs. The fitting comes with special tape that can be attached to both smooth and rough surfaces if they are clean. If there is overgrowth on the ridge, the surface must be cleaned first before the fitting is attached. 

The fitting can be easily be shaped so that it can be adjusted and bent down where the ridge tile overlaps the adjacent ridge tile if necessary. It is also possible to change the fitting by shaping it longitudinally to suit different roof pitches.

If the ridge tile is made is of wood or is not strongly attached, we recommend using either construction adhesive or self-drilling screws.

Tear off the cover paper on the tape
Place the bracket on the ridge
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